So, I got another jeep. It is a project 93 YJ. The frame is straight and the body is clean.

Here are some beginning pictures how it started.



Dana 44 front end. Plan is to replace it with a 2.5ton Rockwell steering axle with full hydraulic steering to turn the 47" tall tires


There is a Chevy 14 bolt in the rear. I plan to replace it with a non steer 2.5ton Rockwell.

The current drive train is a Chevy 350TBI fuel injected motor. Transmission is a TH350.

Current transfercase is a Chevy 203. I plan to use the range box off the 203 and mate it

to a Chevy 205.


This is my favorite color today. I plan to get it close as possible. The color is by PPG and called Antifreeze green.


I'm going to ditch the leaf springs and run a true 4 link front and rear on coil springs.

I will start a build thread on and link it here so everyone can follow along.